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Live a Catholic Life

Our goal is to provide a single resource for those who are looking to grow in their catholic faith.

"The minute you walk outside of your church on Sunday you’re in mission territory." 

Father Robert Barron

"If anyone comes to me, I want to lead them to Him."
Edith Stein, also known as Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?
Father Mike Schmitz

"Go forth and set the world on fire."
Saint Ignatius of Loyola

"We cannot keep ourselves shut up in parishes, in our communities, when so many people are waiting for the Gospel!"
Pope Francis

"Simply believing in the existence of God is not exactly what I would call a commitment. After all, even the devil believes that God exists. Believing has to change the way we live."
Mother Angelica

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